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An elderly American soldier arrives in Angola, where he has organised an audacious mission to spring his son, an imprisoned CIA agent, out of a heavily fortified stronghold.
During the Angola Civil War, CIA agent Michael Smith is captured by the Communists, prompting a rescue mission organized by his father aided by hired mercenaries.
This film is one of the greatest illusions I have ever witnessed - It managed to make my interest disappear right before my very eyes. Astounding! The acting made my hair stand on end (without any wires) and at one point I must have been hypnotised, because to this day I still haven't been able to recall anything redeeming about this film. There was some discreet mind-misdirecting going on during the act, I mean film, because my mind didn't just begin to wander, it took a bus halfway through the film and didn't turn up until the next morning. Conjuring Oliver Reed up in this film was a pretty clever gimmick as well. The penultimate showpiece was a "sleight of hand" trick: where I gave 36p of my money (via Amazon) for this DVD and never saw the cash again - simply amazing! All these of were mere parlour tricks though, compared to the final, and best trick of all… the one where I sawed the disc in half!
When Michael Smith, a CIA agent, is captured by government forces in Angola his father, retired US Marine Colonel Bill Smith sets out to rescue him. He flies into South West Africa and learns that his son is being interrogated by an East German officer in an Angolan fort. He hires a group of mercenaries and heads through the Skeleton Coast desert towards the border. Things go wrong when they cross paths with Captain Simpson; a cruel man who is employed by the diamond mines to hunt down smugglers. This leaves them a man down and more importantly their vehicles are destroyed. He leaves Smith and his people to die in the desert but they find a new way to Angola. Once there they run into the rebel leader Smith&#39;s son had been working with then head to the fort to attempt a rescue.<br/><br/>This is a distinctly average film; the plot is fairly basic and much of the action is fairly laughable. That said it isn&#39;t terrible; it just could have been much better. Ernest Borgnine is solid enough as Col. Smith and Oliver Reid was suitably menacing as Captain Simpson; it was a pity that his character didn&#39;t play a larger role. Robert Vaughn was okay as East German intelligence officer Maj. Schneider; he played the role fairly straight when some over-the-top hamminess might have suited the film more! The direction isn&#39;t the greatest; if it wasn&#39;t for the fact that it was a bit violent in places one could be forgiven for thinking it was made for television. Overall I&#39;d say that this isn&#39;t worth going out of your way to findÂ… it was just about worth the 50p I paid for it.

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